1 12 2008

I wnted to start this blogging malarky out sensibly and set up a system of what I was going to write about, make sure I wrote down the things I had in my head already and mainly make what I put out there readable.

But screw that, that was just procrastination. If I wanted to write stuff that other people would/could read I’d have become a journalist.

This blog then is just for me to practice expressing myself and hopefully train myself to stop rambling. It starts here even though I wanted to start with something else and hopefully will remain in the shadows until it either fizzles and dies or becomes worthy of interest!

So if you’re reading this, thanks for the moral support 🙂 We weren’t expecting visitors (how the hell did you get here?) but now that you’re here – ‘ave a sit down and a nice cuppa tea.





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