1 12 2008

I need to learn to post-edit. I’m essentially lazy, easily distracted and a defeatist – all of which combined means that I tend to pre-edit everything I write so that I never have to go back to it and tidy it.

This also means it takes ages to write anything as I’m also easily distracted and stray from my path at the drop of a proverbial. OR I’ll get stuck trying to find the best word to use and just give up when I can’t make it perfect first time.

So the plan for this blog is to NOT edit it as I write, to just churn out whatevers in my head. It is not designed to be read, not so much because I’m shy of the content, but more because I don’t want to get all self conscious about the state of my grammer spelling and punctuation.

The previous post cuts off short because I got stuck thinking too much. Less thinking more doing. Thats the best way forward wot, wot!

; )




One response

11 01 2009

*Sigh*, I have failed at this already. Whilst I have written several more posts verbatim off the top of my head, I have failed to publish them.

My excuse is that they may offend people who are evidently easy to offend as well a mass of digressions.

Ah well.

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