Experience Grenade

1 12 2008

For inspiration and to try to better get into this blogging culture, I started reading Jane McG’s blog. I didn’t get far before I found something to think about.


Jane says: “Experience grenades: You play them, and that’s like pulling the pin on the grenade. Nothing has to happen right away. Nothing has to change or be solved right away. Then, you wait. It’s later — an hour later, a day later, a week later, a month later… it goes off in your head, like the delayed explosion of a grenade.”

A whole bunch of people in the comments were commenting that this is a phenomeon not exclusive to gaming, that other media such as movies, books and TV can also have a delayed resonance which only manifests once your mind has had time to digest the new idea and find a place for it in your worldview.

I agree that this is true, I have often carried a part of a story with me and had it only click after a few days/weeks/months – (ie the ending of Donnie Darko) but I think that there is maybe something else about gaming that it different to the other types of media and that within that only certain games.




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