For the Hoard!

11 01 2009


It’s kinda apt that my WoW character is of the Horde persuassion, because a terrifying parallel between us occured to me today.

In the little microcosym that is World of Warcraft I have done exactly the same thing I’ve done with my home/room at my parents’ house/desk at work, which is fill it with crap.

These can be broken down into distinct groups;

  • Unfinished projects
  • Souvenirs
  • Things that ‘might be useful one day’

The only thing I could resolve from that list without causing heartache or worry is the ‘Unfinished projects’ category. So what stops me finishing those projects?

Not enough time? Going back feels like stopping going forward? Keeping things in-potentia stops them from realising their sub-ideal truth? I’m rubbish and lazy? (that one’s from the little voice at the back of my mind that will always be depressed no matter what)

In WoW, I’ve come to realise that if I use up all the materials I’m hording in my Bank I can free up space to be able to progress to more exciting things. And bejeezus! If it’s true in there then maybe it’s true out here?!
What an epiphany! And just in time to be a new year’s resolution too! But the interesting thing, the reason I share this with the world and its dog, is that I figured this out in a game, I’ve been hoarding shit for decades IRL, but it took just one year to figure this out in a game.

This makes me feel smug and happy as it supports one of the foundations I recklessly decided to build my future on.

Yay! 😀

Now to go tidy my bedroom  😦




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