A rose by any other name

9 02 2009

Every film has a trailer

never use a ARG to promote a film exclusively – there is always a trailer a 2 minute thing to make you make your mind up. ARGs require too much invlovement.

nice that people are so dedicated

puzzles throw up barriers

having to consult a crack team of geeks is off putting

cryptography is progressively learnt, you cannot unlearn the skill.

Investment, Lost ring had great trailers but was too much of an investment – my Dad thought it was a film.

Short burst entertinment rather than long involved things. will be easier to make as well as more engaging to play.

TV series or soap is just 30 minutes – (one off special)

what are the big viral things? you watch it for 10 minutes – can t  do that with a ARG.

An ARG needs involvement it will die without it. A computer game or DVD can be picked up whenever – ARGs a re live – like theatre but more so.

It’s uniquesness is what makes it cool and makes it viral – but that cannot last forever.

What is in a name? I’m a big fan of semanitcs, its like a form of mind reading, incredible! The way we choose our words to pare down a paragraphs wort of meaning int a short sentence or even single word is astounding.

Lets look at the word ARG,

British English prononuciation A.R.G [ey, ahr, jee] American English pronouciation arg [ahrg]

ARGs are exclusive – something I hate -because for a start its a accronym, all accronyms smuggly require previous knowlegde. It’s an A.R.G. dontcha know, it stands for 3 words we all know already. What? you don’t know the words? You weren’t here earlier when we coined the phrase? Oh.

[a momentary awkward silence as the speaker finds your ignorance embarrassing]

Now here is where ARG go one step further

exclusivity is good because once you’re in you feel special, its a non-homogenous.

exclusivity is BAD because if you’re outside it it appears unfriendly unwelcoming

the contaiment of it makes it more satisfying. If asked how long is a piece of string and being told 50cm




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