9 02 2009

There was an eposode of  Sabrina the Teenage Witch where Sabrina (a witch, around about 16 years old) is tired of the popular prom queen steroetype bully (whose name I thnk was Libby) bullying Sabrina and her nerd stereotype friends*.

Using her magical powers, Sabrina turns Libby the popular into Libby the nerd in order to teach her the lesson that being rejected by popular people is painful.

The reason I liked this episode was because Sabrina’s magical lesson ‘bites-her-in-ass’, as they say, when Libby rallies the nerd stereotypes around her, becomes their queen and kicks Sabrina out of the science club.

Maybe this is just because the StTW formula motif was that Sabrina always had to learn the moral that ‘magic solves nothing’ and so had to backfire on her as the formula demanded it, but still.

*Sabrina wasn’t actually friends with them but her stereotypical protagonist heart of gold meant that she tollerated their socail retardation enough to be able to utilize the science club facilities amicably.




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