9 02 2009

Minkette is my online persona, she played with virtual people on an equal footing.But then Minkette overtook my real identity.

Minkette got a job, in the real world in a real office with real people. But still I cling to not having my real ID on line – why? Am I scared of stalkers? being defrauded?

I can’t use Minkette as an alias to hide my activities and opinions, because even though it is not the name my parents gave me I AM Minkette.

Generation Y – Mellisa Lavigne

online identity is like a nom de plume, a stage name. Not just an excuse to do the things I ordinarily wouldn’t dare but also a kind of divorcive branding. Like the Dread Pirate Roberts I can potential pass on the Mantle and the character can live on without me.

Embodying principles I uphold but in a purer way that I as my normal mundane self can manage. It is difficult to do nothing but adventuring and crazy gaming theathre type things, when you have to go to Tescos and do the laundry.




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