Running with sxswissors – Go Game

13 03 2009

maze maker

create a list of students and other free people by looking at craigslist

Go game wasn’t made for corporate team building – was made just for their friends.

GG started out with communty games.

Ice breaking at conferences – making people go out of their comfort zones but only slightly – no ‘Aleins are attacking’ more ‘we’re high school students’.

mobile phones are an omnificent voice of God. people will do what it says.

Ask the players – ‘is it fun?’

teams working together – who is the most able to chat up a lady at the bar – who is most able to make up a scrabble word from this road sign – like picking skills for crystal maze.

pschological aspect that isnt present with an xbox – in home console – the phone in your hand lets you dance in streets or go down dark alley ways.

Go game turn ‘dull’ stuff and puts it into games – games customised to make cleints stuff acessible/intersting

if its takes longer than 7 minutes its not fun.

the ‘everything is right’ button

first satisfaction id essential to keeping players happy – they’ll still play but they wont be as happy. they got to get good feedback straight off to like the game.

WAP & html – keep it simple to deliver – keep it quick

they dont do text messaging coz of limited text. they can be funnier with longer words. – (don’t realise that there is a UK culture of texting, not just)

Not about walking around looking at your phone.


*(warning may lose your job if drinking whilst playing in case your ‘creative’ challenges end up slightly too wild)

over all feel that ‘this is what we make accountants do”.

development for corporate games is easier to predict behaviours like sales people will be competitve but community games players are already bought in to the concept so there is less hand holding needed.

communty games there is a higher liklihood of nudity.




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