Dead Space rough notes

15 03 2009

“Deep media”

DS is the first non license story for EA in a long time. Wanted new IP as they had lots Lord of the rings, James bond games.

they wanted real space, real terror – not as gory as the designer wanted! The guy is twisted.

created canon from start to be able to have franchises. comic, animation

500 year backstory bible.

30 days of night writer (Ben Templesmith) thought the comic would be an addon, but was surprised to find out thy wanted the backstory written. Could keep his own visual style.

EA outline canon not prose.

big master time line, gave the story to TS to have as his own, – so the game makers kept asking for details that didn’t exist and needed to be added into the structure.

had lots of non story details like ‘how people get medical supplies’, in the notes on the master story line.

TS got to create his own assets but as was in so early on only had pre production things – not much story and a few game concept artworks to start from.

noknowsurvivors was fractured  to prepare players for the style of the game, your actions determine what you see.

a 6 week experience each chapter was released one per week

similarity to game play and look/feel made website one of the main driving factors to the game.

if you hit people over the head with the story – marketing wise – by the time the film comes out the audience already feel they’ve seen it.

bitesize pieces of content can live anywhere and everywhere. comics were in print and online in flash.

a minisite is a destination site – make parts of it portable so it can be shared on other places to get more visibility.

Had a feel of a team of people who wanted to get something done – like it was their own pet project not for EA. – audience felt like they weren’t being sold to, that they were experiencing part of a canon.

If you’re just checking off boxes then you’re not creating deep media, youre comoditizing – you’ve got to have passion.




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