Flickr/MetaFilter/Youtube community modding

15 03 2009

MF started out as ‘Mike’s site’  so he modded it an nobody would say anything he wouldn’t like.

Now they mod through the day and have a London based ‘midnight mod’ (different time zone)

on MF ‘fuck’ isn’t considered flaggable as offensive.

There are patterns you start to learn to spot multiple channels twitter, email, spot on current tv to comment on it. But you have to commit to responding if you do this.

Etsy – your profile is your shop page – so if you are a jerk in the community then your sales will suffer.

Don’t just listen for the sake of listening – you have to take it on board. Transparency is key, even if you don’t do what they say, you have to make them feel thay’ve been heard out all the same.

The community will have its own ideas about what it is – don’t dictate but grow, adapt and cultivate the communities views. Adapt how you work as the community grows.

The needs will change as the community changes size.

People will use the site in different ways, the purpose of the site will change from time to time. Know why you have the rules so you can ask questions of ‘why can’t I say this?’. Don’t just say we’ll talk about it’ in a manjana manjana type way.

Youtube has the lowest barrier to entry – hence the most vicious culture of youtube comments.




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