Chicago Tribune: Women missing from video game development work force

14 10 2010

Here is an article on

For a second I thought this article was about a mass kidnapping, but no. It opened with statement that instantly made my knee jerk:

In certain corners of the gaming world, women are treated in one of two ways.

“If you let anyone know you’re a girl, you’re going to get hit on or picked on,” said Tracy Fullerton, a professor at the University of Southern California who teaches game design.

Is this talking about in the workplace? Because hiding that you’re a girl can get pretty tricky after that first day you show up in the office. No of course it’s not, how silly of me to misread that*.

But after scaring off anyone who isn’t already singing from the hymnsheet, it does have some sensible quotes.

“young girls who like video games don’t connect their leisure activity with a potential career path.”

although I would simplify that to
“young people who like anything don’t connect their activity with a potential career path.”

“It’s not, ‘There are girl games and boy games,'” said Gilmore, an incoming junior at Evanston Township High School. “It’s that there are good games and bad games.”

Yay! Thank you 15-year-old Mary Gilmore for saving this article for me. Keep that rational head on your shoulders, you are our shiny shiny hope.




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