Talking to bloggers

14 10 2010

My mind has turned once again to the thought of blogging. I’m not alone, Annette Mees has decided to take up the virtual pen and Marc McG has recently made a return.

These are both people I go out of my way to listen to the thoughts of, yet reading people’s thoughts seem so different – so formal – in comparison to chatting to them or even the written conversations of skype and twitter. It’s the same thoughts and phrases, only more *official* somehow.

I’ve started reading the blogs of people I know and I’ve been having fun spotting thoughts that have come up in conversation with that person. It’s like seeing the broadcast of an episode of a TV show that you saw being filmed. A strange jarring memory of time and place that overlays the unfamiliar formality.

It’s quite nice to be reminded of forgotten moments, like; being sat on a tram in Sheffield as Topfife pointed out interesting architecture as we went past. Drinking diet coke in the faux-50s diner under w+k talking badges with Dan, the wildeyed murmeringsĀ of a Minecraft-junkie getting his fix in my living room.





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28 10 2010
Frankie Roberto – Blogging With Friends

[…] Minkette said about talking to bloggers the other week reminded me that I do actually have some other friends who still blog, and that […]

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