Games to look out for from GDC 2013

6 04 2013

Here is a list of games and other miscellaneous things I noted down that I needed to look into.

• My main take away thoughts are that there is a trend for games that get the player to think differently about space by switching between dimensions in some way.

• There is a trend for games involving music actively in the experience.

• There is an encouraging emergent trend towards mixing a computer game’s contained world and the player’s physical playspace. Be this folk games, or board games or ‘event’ and installation games. I say encouraging because that is something I am particularly a champion of 🙂


Below I’ve either lumped the games I noted down into categories that I felt they fitted together in or just left them under the heading of the talk I discovered them in.


IGF winners/nominees

Cart Life, Richard Hofmeier’s realistic, sometimes heart-breaking game about food cart workers trying to achieve their dreams

Faster than Light

Little Inferno “Know whats more fun than toys? Setting fire to toys!”

‘Story’ games

All the games Emily Short mentioned are in her blog post here

The House on the Cliff a versu title

Howling Dogs (Twine game) by Porpentine

The Barren (game)

Kentucky Route Zero (game) A point and click adventure game that focusses on story and narrative.


From the Soapbox session

Antichamber (game) mindfuck exploring game, closest we’ll ever get to comprehending 4D space

Wolfire Games (developers)

ZiGGURAt (game)

glitchtank (game)

Radical Fishing – a game about fishing with a shotgun


Music games

Soundodger – Michael Molinari (game)

Proteus (game) A procedually generated landscape that responds to the player’s presence through it’s sounscape. Proteus is the unwilling posterchild for the argument about ‘not-games’ and ‘art-games’.



From the Experimental Games Workshop

Miegakure – Marc ten Bosch A game played in 4 dimensions

Starseed Pilgrim – Alexander Martin, Ryan Roth A game of growing your own paths and uncovering secrets.

Memory Of A Broken Dimension – Ezra Hanson A game of rediscovering a physical space by fixing a hard drive’s memory of it. (I think) I’d put this under the ‘dimension switching’ genre heading too.

Kachina – Ben Esposito From the Molyjam event where people all over the world made games inspired from a parody game ideas twitter account.

“You play a hole, you must move around an environment making certain elements fall into correct targets at the right time.”

Perspective – Pohung Chen, Jason Meisel

A game of navigating across a space using forced perspective, by switching between 2D and 3D.

6180 The Moon – Jongmin Jerome Baek, Sun Park pretty soundscapes in a bouncing ball platformer. The twist being that after you ‘win’ the game you then have to go back out the way you came, only upside down, thus making it harder.

The Castle Doctrine – Jason Rohrer A game of building and testing home security defenses, then going out a robbing other people. The only bad guys are other real people – You only get one life and people might come and kill you wife and children while you’re out on the rob.

Plus Gun – Kevin Cancienne A game of unending enemies, and choosing between scoring points and fighting. You must score highly to win so it’s a good idea to survive as long as you can, but you can only use one gun at a time – the shotgun or the points gun.

This balancing of motive reminded me of Don’t Starve – a game about staying alive in a wildness as long as you can, but also trying to unlock as much ‘scientific knowledge’ per game as you can too.

Mushroom 11 – Itay Keren A Gamejam game themed on ouroboros. The player has to get an object across the screen, but they can’t make it move directly, only destroy part of it so that it grows back in a new place.

Interference by Eric Zimmerman and Nathalie Pozzi A collection of site specific games that incorporate the architecture surrounding the players into the design.


Searchlight by Hide and Seek A physical ‘folk’ game of collecting blocks without being spotted moving inside a searchlight beam that is sweeping the field of play. A kinect is mapped to the searchlight so it can actually see you if you move. They were also promoting their Tiny Games kickstarter – there’s a really good interview with Margaret Robertson about why they’re making Tiny Games on Gamasutra.


From Wild Rumpus

Infinite Doodle

Super Hexagon

Super Space ____

Panoramical ♥ SoundSelf

Tenya Wanya Teens
A coming-of-age tale About love, hygiene, monsters And finding discarded erotic magazines In the woods.

Samurai Gunn
A weapon is only as strong
as the one who wields it






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