Game diary

24 02 2014

Today I played:
Escape: the Curse of the Temple – a board game that can range from single player to 5 players. We played 3 games two-player and lost quite badly 2-1 against the game. I lost a die under the sofa twice.

To fulfill the Kongpanion mission of the day, I replayed Burrito Bison Revenge even though I’d won it before I didn’t have any badges for it for some reason.

then played a couple that had new badges

Tiny elephant game Obey the Game
Bullet Hell upgrade shooter Death vs Monstars 2 which I got sick of once I’d gained all the upgrades but still had 2/3rds of the game to go.

I went on a little point and click bender by playing
Gateway I and Gateway II which have some really nice CCTV puzzles and a creepy melancholy.

Morningstar Another game I’m sure I’d completed before but Kong had no record of me doing so. Still it’s a great game and I’d forgotten most of how to play it so it was fun to replay.
I’ve played all the Last Door chapters so I’m keen to play the latest addition.

As always I have cookie clicker running in the background, still waiting it out to get the last two new achievements from the prism update.

On my phone I played Tiny Death Star and Threes.




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