Game Diary 05.03.14

5 03 2014

I played Disco Zoo which is a kind of battleships + memory puzzle game within a business sim. Very cute.

I also followed Curated Games on Twitter and found some great games to investigate

We Were You is a beautiful CYOA come music video set in an explorable world. Very poetic and a great way to get a song’s story across.

I didn’t play this, but I watched the demo videos seems to be a bit like a 3D Ghost Trick crossed with The Shining and maybe The Sims (?) that or a Point n Click adventure.

Sophie is visiting and she showed me some of her current games,

we played Strata which is a mindbending logic puzzle about ordering strips; or ‘weaving’ as its traditionally known.

Also, Qatqi which I’m pleased to say I found the name of by google ‘ios scrabble rogue-like’. Because that is exactly what I thought when I saw it.

I also introduced Robin to a new-to-her baby iOS game Paint My Wings by Toca Boca, which I’d had her baby playing with earlier.

I also had a brief look at QuizUp and downloaded it.




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