Game diary

31 03 2014

I went to GDC last week and so didn’t keep a proper diary, here is what I remember playing

Keep Talking and nobody explodes – an oculus rift game from the 2014 Global Game Jam. One person sees and describes a bomb via the oculus rift and the other players have to figure out which bomb disposal manual to use from a bunch of paper on the table.

Guts of glory – a board game about eating horrible things or spewing them into other people’s mouth.

Boop – a folk game of booping people’s elbows and noses.

Skull and Roses – a beer mat game similar to liars dice, but without the dice.

At the Alt.Control.GDC alternative controller expo booth

ROFLpillar – roll on the floor (laughing) to control a caterpillar and eat all the apples before your opponent does. You can also attack and eat your opponent’s tail. To see the screen, you lie with your heads in a tiny Wendy house, the screen is on the ceiling.

Tenya Wanya Teens

The Choosatron a little receipt printer with 4 buttons. You navigate through a variety of choose your own adventure stories by pressing the buttons. Nice touch was that you couldn’t ‘cheat’ by repeating the same story twice because the story would switch to a different version of the same type of story.

Canabalt 100p* – 52ish runners instead of the usual 1, each controlled by a piano key.

Bonus Look – Another game of communication for 2 players. A wooden tablet carved with marking and a full keyboard for one player. A screen and just arrows and one button? (iirc) for the other player. They must work together to make their way through a land that has walls and monsters made of letters. Pressing the correct letters hold up the walls to walk through or suspend the monsters until the button is let go of.

Panoramical, which is played using a music mixing desk.

Not now Space dog! Which also uses a kind of mixing desk plus drum simulator type interface (maybe?) 

Full list of controllers here

At Wild Rumpus

Muscle Cat showdown – a game of reflexes, you play as a musclebound cat who must strike poses correctly at your master’s command.  

MEGA-Alphabet Uses 9 dance mats strapped together to make a giant keyboard that lets you stomp on letters to make them jumpon the screen. You have to get all the letters to safety to win the level.

Didn’t play but watched Fjords Forever which is a two player version of the game Fjordsss

At Powpowpow

played a game against one other player and against the game maker who controlled the boss as well as being able to switch the level design, grab the players’ avatars and drag them around. It was called something like ‘Hack this game’.

At Mild Rumpus

Hohokum pilot the longmover through the world and figure out what combinations make things progress. 

Kentucky Route zero – still didn’t really play this as it felt like something I’d want to get properly into without distractions. But I did a bit of wandering and dog naming.

Quadrilateral cowboy A game of *actual* hacking, though I got stuck in a sidequest bit where no hacking happens.

Saw Samorost 3 being played during the live music event Mild Rumpus put on.


I bought an iPad so at last can play the iPad games I’ve accidentally bought thinking they were iphone games

Little Inferno 

The Room 2




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