Game diary

15 04 2014

I’ve been playing a game all week that started out innocently enough as some puzzles posted on twitter. It’s become much much more intense. We’re 2 days away from the end and I’m still a bit afraid of the outcome #weapon7

As part of the above, I was reminded that I still hadn’t cracked open my copy of sokobond. Making up games to learn physics was the one thing that got me through my Physics GCSE, so this game has add a nostalgic feeling (despite being nothing like what I made up) I didn’t play very far, I’m hoping there’s isotopes and electron shells in higher up levels. (probably not as this would most likely mess with the minimalism of the mechanics).

I also replayed Midas which is a great puzzle game with an added layer of meaning if you happen to know the King Midas myth, which is always nice.

I played Trigger Knight in order to win the weekly kongpanion. I didn’t much enjoy the game, but it was, to my knowledge, unique. An RPG themed game of buying the correct item in time to be able to survive the next battle when it comes. You run past shops and can click on them only when you are at the door. Each shop sell something different, armour upgrade, weapon upgrade, one of two special items – an instakill or a health potion, as well as a thing that equated to a count down reset. I think it was probably a resource management (gambling) game. Not sure.

I played Robot Butler on the advice of the below tweet, it’s a nice twist on a time management/tower defense game – again with a narrative undercurrent that adds a dimension nicely if you ‘get’ the reference.






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