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19 04 2014

I enjoyed Threes as a well-honed minimalist puzzle game, like Drop7, SpellTower and TripleTown it feels like a ‘pure’ puzzle. The 2048 clone furore made sense to me – in Threes you can feel the design that went into it, the clones ignored design choices made for good reasons and were lesser because of it. However there is something else to the 2048 – and indeed Flappy Bird – story. The clones of these games have become memetic, and that in itself is impressive. People are treating the dynamics as a snowclone, overlaying the familiar with something that makes it their own message.

I liked a couple that also tweaked the game mechanics such as Numberwang and but I really love this star building version that uses (I assume) real chemistry to ‘bond’ the numbers/elements you make. You win once you get to Fe[26]

I revisited this interactive fiction game/toy made by the guy made Cookie Clicker called Nested. I was reminded of it by how Porpentine’s ‘Everything you swallow will one day come up like a stone‘ sounds like it played (the game only existed for 24 hours and I missed it)

Cookie Clicker has also had an update since I looked at it last, Valentines is over and there are new achievements & upgrades plus a UI upgrade.

I also played the start of Fishy Waters – an homage to Ridiculous Fishing reimagined as top-down exploring game with a different story (although one character wears a Ridiculous Fishing T-Shirt in the opening cut scene ^_^) 




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22 11 2014

hey you can still play everything you swallow will one day come up like a stone, it’s available here on storycade (with porpentine’s consent):

22 11 2014
Mink Ette

Oh cool! Thanks, I’ll take a look. 🙂

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