Game diary

9 07 2014

I played Super Time Force by Cappy. It’s a great game, a single player co-op! You play against the clock, but if you choose to ‘time out’ (or you die) you get to rewind the game as far back as you want and add a new character in to the fray. You only get so many goes at rewinding, in the first level 30 lives. So the more characters you add, the quicker it gets to kill the monsters. The writing is also very funny, although unskippable cut scene after cut scent at the start was a bit frustrating.

I ran a tournament to promote the reboot of the Spaceteam kickstarter at local Portland barcade Ground Kontrol.
There have been updates to Spaceteam since I played it last, one being the ships cat, an annoying handicap (in a hilarious way) that puts it’s paws over the bust ructions and tries to grab the controls. Typical cat.

I played some nice iPad games that I can’t talk about just yet.

Also 7 wonders card/board game which I haven’t played in ages. I got really lucky and won!

Played Ilo and milo which is a co-op game on xbox, I used to have it bsck when had an xbox. It’s a. It annoying because the two players have take turns to play, so one of is sat around waiting half the time.

I also played two game for the kongregate kongpanion. I forget their names.




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